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Benefits of Open Data

Open data has far reaching benefits and the reason for the rapid adoptaiton of the concept of open data within the scientific community.

Healthcare Benefits

  • Better descion making for clinical practitioners with use of data
  • Better choice and control of their treatment for patients
  • Accelerates drug discovery and clinical trials

Scientific Benefits

  • Reduces cost of data collection and data duplication in research
  • Helps to reduce fraud in research
  • Scientists are able to connect different datasets to discover previously unidenfied connections

Economical Benefits

The global value generated by Open Data is estimated to be over $3 trillon US dollars.

  • Create new business opportunities
  • Better descion making possibilities for businesses with data
  • Creation of direct and indirect jobs in the field of open data

Environmental Benefits

  • Creation of environmentally friendly cities
  • Increased adoptation of renewabal energy over non-renewable energy

Government and Administrative Benefits

  • Increased transparency within organizations
  • Increased efficiency amongst organizations
  • Use of open data for better decision making
  • Use of open data for better policy makingprimary

Social Benefits

  • Increase opportunities for under-represented ethnicities
  • Increase